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Loved the direction you went with this! The build up to the big, scary climax! Sound Design and the razor edges! The vocal performance was also on point!

Also, "Mommy Big" Indeed XD

Well done! While I couldn't fully understand what was going on, I can say that simply sitting back and experiencing what imagery you were evoking with the music was communicated very well! It's good to see you put out more work, Sqeezy, don't ever stop. :)

Great to see you back on Newgrounds, Cycon!

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Very good job

I thought DDR was hard enough with the four arrows, but knowing this is on a computer and adding another dimention with the space bar...I want to talk to some of the folks that can get an "S" rating on this game, because they must have some pretty good hand-eye coordination.

Good job, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

Onigirlluvr responds:

thanks you!

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There is hope still with us

I have been listening to stuff in the tops of this genre, and while the composers work hard, I don't see too many focusing on piano in a solo atmosphere. It is good to see a good piece for solo piano without the need to mix strings to reinforce things. You work very well within the already expansive region of solo piano. Keep up the good work.

mrmcduts responds:

awesome! thank you!
i do lurv the piano.

good start!

I think it is a good start to the slow movement of a piece. I don't know if you are going strictly for the Concerto format, but I could definitely see this as a solo piano work. I wonder what a little experimentation into maybe splitting up block chords might aid in your work here, but if you are happy with the ostinato you set up, then by all means stay with it.

On subsequent listens, I think you could replace the arpeggiated left hand entirely with the string parts you used as the harmonies that the strings have that you set up draw my attention a little more than your ostinato left hand. Throw some pedal in there to help add a little haunting flavor and you got yourself a slow movement to a bigger work!

Good development

I could definately make out a clear distinction between areas without being overt about it. I would agree with Benjamin that your melody would benifit from a transfer of instruments, but I would even venture to say change registers of either the solo instrument or accompaniment! That way, you could let your melody sing out on a totally new color of the instrument of your choice!

I am not really sensing a climax, but if it was in your design to do so, then that is what you want no matter what I would say.

Good job, nontheless!

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