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Belle waltz No. 2 Belle waltz No. 2

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There is hope still with us

I have been listening to stuff in the tops of this genre, and while the composers work hard, I don't see too many focusing on piano in a solo atmosphere. It is good to see a good piece for solo piano without the need to mix strings to reinforce things. You work very well within the already expansive region of solo piano. Keep up the good work.

mrmcduts responds:

awesome! thank you!
i do lurv the piano.

A Piano Concierto... A Piano Concierto...

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good start!

I think it is a good start to the slow movement of a piece. I don't know if you are going strictly for the Concerto format, but I could definitely see this as a solo piano work. I wonder what a little experimentation into maybe splitting up block chords might aid in your work here, but if you are happy with the ostinato you set up, then by all means stay with it.

On subsequent listens, I think you could replace the arpeggiated left hand entirely with the string parts you used as the harmonies that the strings have that you set up draw my attention a little more than your ostinato left hand. Throw some pedal in there to help add a little haunting flavor and you got yourself a slow movement to a bigger work!

Halindir - Burden Halindir - Burden

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Good development

I could definately make out a clear distinction between areas without being overt about it. I would agree with Benjamin that your melody would benifit from a transfer of instruments, but I would even venture to say change registers of either the solo instrument or accompaniment! That way, you could let your melody sing out on a totally new color of the instrument of your choice!

I am not really sensing a climax, but if it was in your design to do so, then that is what you want no matter what I would say.

Good job, nontheless!

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CKC - Freedom CKC - Freedom

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Its all craftwork from here.

I like your grasp on a lot of key things in this are of composition. Your set up is good, and I like how you brought it around again in the end. Your use of percussion to help accent the rhythm you set up with the string section works! There are some things I do want to bring to your attention in hopes it will encourage you to even greater heights.

The big thing that I and everyone else I know is always striving to improve is the middle section. You are getting there by cutting out the percussion to add emphasis, but it is not building up to a climax (or at least I am not feeling it come at me before you start taking it out). You are already using volume to help, I might recommend also using register changes, or taking the melody you introduced in the larger sections and flesh it out more in the middle.

Keep it up!

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CKC2009 responds:

thanks for the detailed review!!

i will use ur points in my new composition.. :)

The Tiny Piano The Tiny Piano

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You have all you need here

Really digging the set-up, and think you can go a lot further with this idea. I would absolutely love to hear this idea fleshed out more.

If you don't have it/listened to it already, I highly recommend grabbing a score and recording of "Gymnopedie No. 1" by Erik Satie. There is a lot you could find there that would help. Keep it up!

Bonus points for solo work. It is harder to keep a listener's interest when there is only one instrument.

magic585 responds:

Hey, thanks for the music recommendation! I just found it on youtube and am listening to it as we speak. Or, er, as I type... XD

The War at the Masquerade The War at the Masquerade

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Good start

You are heading in the right direction. You are doing a great job of adding instruments to give a nice layering effect. If I were a game proudcer, I would enjoy having this as part of a RPG score. By itself, though, it does tend a little toward repetition without variation. The more you do, though, the more you will hone your abilities, so I have no worries that you will continue to improve.

Keep up the good work!

:After the Storm: :After the Storm:

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Good score material

Its amazing how some facets of minimalism are still ringing true today. The running motives still maintain the tonal center, and your attention to the mix blends very nicely. The only thing I would say to look for while pursuing this avenue would be to maybe try and transfer the melodic motive you set up in the string section to different instruments between the strings. That will not only lengthen the piece as a whole, but add some nice color variation in your sound.

Perhaps even small variation in the performance of your melody would also be a big benefit to you. Nothing would satisfy more than the set up you put in place, and then wander off a little by changing the rhythms slightly, only to return to the ending. Nothing too drastic in approach, just enhancing what you already have.

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